Pollution Peril

Drawn for Skyryder23: https://www.deviantart.com/skyryder23

Featuring his OC: Jina (Left Bottom Corner)

My OCs as focus: Mermaid Ma’am and Barnacle Betty (Left and Right) and Tomoe {Left Top Corner).

These story bellow also written by himself, enjoy!

Pollution Peril

 (Ugh…it stinks down here!)
Jina holds her nose as she quietly walks through an old abandoned factory. She looks around in disgust at the run-down rooms. Jina peeks into a nearby empty room, only to find it bare with mildew covered walls and water leaking from above. Jina gags, shakes her head, and hurries down the next corridor.

(Well, the sooner I find Tomoe, the sooner I can get out of here!)
Finding most of the factory empty, she finally approaches the last room. Jina stares into the room puzzled. Though empty, the room appears to be much cleaner than the rest of the building. The ceiling lights are on, a couple of abandoned barrels, yet no sign of anyone residing within it. “Is anyone here?” Jina calls, hoping to elicit any response.
Her ears perk as she hears the faint trickling of leaking water pipes, but notices no sounds of footsteps or other movement. “Guess she isn’t here either.” Jina sighs. “Well, I might as well see if there’s anything worthwhile.” Jina walks up to the rusted barrels, and suddenly wrinkles her nose.
“Ugh…there’s that nasty stench again”. Jina holds her breath as she lifts the cover on one of the barrels. “Urrrrgh!” She finds green ooze filled to the brim of the barrel. Jina coughs as she slams the barrel shut again.
“Gross!” Jina shakes her head and quickly turns around to leave. “I can’t believe another wasted contract!” Jina pulls out her guild contact device, and taps to confirm that the factory was empty. “Tomoe, where could she have gon-eh?!” Jina attempts to walk, only to find her feet stuck to something. “AAAAGH!” Jina screams as she looks down to find her shoes covered in the ooze from the barrel. Suddenly, small tendrils stretch from the ooze, reaching for her ankle.
“W-what’s going on?!” Jina tugs again to wrench her leg from the ooze’s grasp, only to find more tendrils stretch up to grab at her feet again.
“Gr-gross! Get away from me!” Jina frantically pulls her leg free and retreats from the green ooze.
However, Jina eyes fill with horror as the ooze creeps towards her. “It’s alive?!” Jina gasps as she sees the barrel which she thought she closed.

The lid has been popped and the ooze within is seeping out and onto the ground. “O-oh no!” I need to get out of here!” Jina pulls her blade and starts slashing at the tendrils reaching at her. As if responding, the ooze shoots tendrils towards her hands. “Oh no you don’t!” Jina swipes with her blade again, but suddenly finds her slash stopped.
“What?!” Jina looks back in shock to find the ooze has surrounded her and have grasped her wrist from behind. “N-no!” Jina pulls with all her might to try and tear the ooze holding her back. However, as she struggles, the ooze shoots more tendrils, sticking to her blade.
“L-let go!” Jina yells, as the ooze rips the blade from her grip. “A-ah! N-no!” More tendrils are shot, binding her ankles, and pinning her legs in place. Jina can only struggle helplessly as the ooze wraps itself more and more around her.”G-guh! H-help! Somebody! Help me!”

*glorp* Who’s there? *glorp*
Jina’s ears twich as she hears a voice from the corridor. “H-help me! Get me out of here!”
Jina revives her struggles as she hears someone approaching the room.
*glorp* Huh? *glorp*
Jina’s eyes widen as she sees in front of her a giant snail. She shakes her head and pleads, “Please! Help me!”
*glorp* Another intruder?! *glorp* Her heart sinks, as she hears the giant snail speak. “W-what do you mean ‘another’?! You mean Tomoe?! ”
*glorp* You mean that other girl that came earlier? *glorp*
(Oh no!) “Where is she?!”  Jina struggles against the slime demanding an answer.
*glorp* Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough… *glorp*


*glorp* That should hold you for now… *glorp*
“L-let me go!” Jina yells at the snail. She pulls and tugs at the manacles that now secure her to a wooden frame.
*glorp* Now, how did you two find me? *glorp* The giant snail asks as he points at the ceiling. Jina looks up and gasps as she sees an unconscious Tomoe suspended by the slime.
“T-Tomoe! U-ugh!” Jina pulls hard in frustration. “L-let her go!”
*glorp* Who told you I was here?! Was it Mermaid Ma’am?! *glorp*
*glorp* Don’t play dumb with me! *glorp*
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! Just let us go and I won’t say anything!”
*glorp* I don’t think so. I can’t have you ruining my plans *glorp*
“W-what plans?!”
*glorp* Hmph, still playing dumb are you. *glorp* Well, I have more ways to get info from you. *glorp*
“Wh-what information?!” Jina eyes widen as the snail turns around with a rather large ballgag. “Wait a sec-mmmmph!” Her sentence is interrupted as the snail secures in the gag.
*glorp* Sorry, I need to keep you quiet so no one else can-
“Can hear where you’re hiding?” The snail and Jina are startled to hear another voice. Suddenly, two silhouettes enter the room.

*glorp* I knew it. Mermaid Ma’am! *glorp*
“We finally found you Molluska.” Mermaid Ma’am points her trident at the giant snail. “Now come quietly. You’re under arrest for dumping toxins into the ocean!”
“And release the hostages right now!” The blue-haired girl next to Mermaid Ma’am demands as she puts away tracking gear used to find the factory.
*glorp* Not a chance Barnacle Betty! *glorp*
“You’re already in enough trouble slimeball! Don’t make this any worse!”
*glorp* Oh, I think you two will be in more trouble than me… *glorp*

Jina looks down, and sees the green ooze that captured her earlier start to appear from the cracks in the floor. She looks up and sees some of the ooze holding Tomoe start creeping towards the two newcomers. Mermaid Ma’am, unaware of the ooze, spins her trident and prepares to strike. “Guess we’ll do it the hard way then.”
“Mm-mmmph!” Jina yells through her gag to warn try and warn the two. “Don’t worry”, Barnacle Betty tells Jina. “We get you two out of here soon.” “Nnnn-nnnmph!” Jina struggles, hoping the two heroines would notice.

“Let’s go!” Mermaid Ma’am lifts her trident and prepares to leap. However, suddenly, the ooze shoots tentacles, which latch onto her trident. “H-huh?!” Mermaid Ma’am tugs to find the tentacles holding on tightly, attempting to wrench away the weapon. “Grr! Let go!” She pulls hard, trying to free the trident.  More tentacles shoot from both the ceiling and the floor. “Watch out Mermaid Ma’am!” Barnacle Betty jumps in front of a bunch of tendrils aiming for the distracted heroine. “A-ah!” The tentacles quickly bind and start winding around Betty. Her arms pulled behind her back, legs enveloped in the ooze. “A-ahhhnnn!” Despite her best efforts to struggle, the ooze quick immobilize Barnacle Betty.

“Betty! Grrgh!” Mermaid Ma’am continues to pull her trident from the ooze. However, more tendrils appear, now grabbing at her. “N-no! Arrgh!” Mermaid Ma’am’s arms are caught and being pulled from behind. “Gross! Get off me!” She hollers as she uses all of her strength to pull against the tentacles. However, the ooze finally pulls her arms back and her grip on the trident is lost. “Nnnngh! My Trident!” Mermaid Ma’am yells as she sees her trident being lifting towards the ceiling. “Ennngh! It’s so tight!” Barancle Betty moans. “H-hang in there Betty! A-aggh!” Both heroines now wriggle as the tentacles continue to tighten around their bodies, lifting them off the ground.

*glorp* Hahahaha! Still think I’m the one in trouble Mermaid Ma’am? *glorp*
Molluska chuckles as he looks at the now suspended heroines.
“Molluska! When I get out of this you’ll pa-mmmph?!” Mermaid Ma’am and Barnacle Betty’s mouths are suddenly filled with the green ooze as it transforms into makeshift ballgags.
With her mouth sealed, Mermaid Ma’am feels her powers drain from her body, rendering her powerless “Grrrph! Mmmmph!” Both heroines wriggle in futility as the ooze continues to envelop them.
*glorp* Now with you two out of the way, it’s time to add more radioactive waste to the oceans to create a new kingdom of sentient mollusks like me! *glorp* Molluska taunts the helpless heroines.
*glorp* Now, let’s decide what to do about my prisoners… *glorp*




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